Simone Zanacchi

Born in Italy, Simone Zanacchi could show particular music qualities by the age of 8. He started to study clarinet in the conservatory of his town in Piacenza, and at the age of 19 he won the first of seven chamber music and soloist prize competitions. Then he met several clarinet teachers – members of the most important Italian orchestras and worldwide renowned soloists like F. Meloni, R. Parisi, T. Friedli and P. Beltramini – learning a multifaceted and deep knowledge of his instrument.
At the same time Simone had the opportunity to collaborate with the most important orchestras in Italy (National Radio and Television Symphonic Orchestra, Theater La Fenice, Theater Verdi of Trieste, La Scala Philharmonic Orchestra, Italian Philharmonic Orchestra) and some in Europe (Goteborg Opera), gaining a wide experience in several kinds of orchestra repertoires like opera, ballet, symphony, jazz and light music.
In 2008 he joined the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra for the position of principal bass clarinet.

He is always dedicated to develop his skills, searching and updating materials related to his instruments and at the same time spreading his knoledge teaching to students of all the ages.