Nasser Sahim

Was born In 1979, Nasser Sahim has established a musical presence in a wide range of endeavors. As a vocalist-composer he has recorded more than 30 single songs in the Gulf region as well as an album of a dozen songs, Nasser Sahim 2013.

He has produced musical projects, television programs, sound effects, commercial music serials and classical music for all of Qatar’s national media. And he has composed orchestral music. His Four Seasons symphony has been performed domestically and internationally in the years 2015 through 2017.

In 2018, he was invited to represent Qatar as a composer by the British Embassy to attend and participate in the International Forum of Music Filmmakers and to participate in a musical work from the Qatari side with a group of international authors in this field organized by the British Council in partnership with BFI and Sensoria.

Nasser adores art. He started his musical career in 1995 and participated in many ceremonies to honour his late uncle and artist Faraj Abdul Karim. As his nephew, he continues this legacy. At the age of 12, he placed second in an Oud competition. His passion for musical expression has led him to explore both classical and traditional harmonies.

His first album “Friends” appeared in 2011, where he sang and composed Turkish songs with Turkish artist Ayson.

In 2012 he created 12 songs and collaborated with distributors from Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Egypt and India.

He composed 20 minutes of operetta music for special needs under the cooperation of The Supreme Health Council. He also composed a 45-minute operetta for The National Flower (Spring flowers) Festival by the Friends of the Environment Committee.

Nasser Sahim was a member of the Committee for the Ruling of Eastern and Western Classical Music in the 2017 Qatar National Music Competition.

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