Raluca Gette

At the age of 4 she began studying the violin under the tutelage of her grandfather.
In the coming years she attended schools with an arts and music focus,
eventually being accepted into the prestigious Gymnasium for Music „ Sigismund Toduta“ in Cluj Napoca, an institution with a strong curriculum and tradition in musical training.
Upon graduating from gymnasium, Raluca moved to Hamburg, Germany
to continue her studies with Prof. Petru Munteanu at Hochschule für Musik und Theater. From the year 2005 she continued studying with Prof. Christoph Schickedanz, graduating in 2006.
From 2007 she was a permanent member in the Elbphilharmonie Orchestra Hamburg.
After touring extensively in Europe, USA and Asia, Raluca relocated to Qatar as a member of the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra.
In addition to the regular orchestra performance schedule, Raluca appeared frequently in the QPO’ s chamber music and spin off projects and performances.