Brass Brilliance

June 8, 2024 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM Qatar National Convention Centre, Auditorium 3

Experience the melodies of the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra’s brass section soloists at a captivating concert featuring the extraordinary vocals of Paola Polinori. The orchestra presents a diverse programme spanning centuries of musical innovation. From the spirited Renaissance sounds of Holborne’s The Fairy Round to the evocative contemporary compositions of Crespo’s Ballade for Two Wings and Parker’s A Londoner in New York, journey through an eclectic mix of genres, from classical to folk, as the orchestra presents an unforgettable performance showcasing the talent and versatility of its musicians.


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Paola Polinori, vocal
Daniel Edelhoff, trumpet
Joris Laenen, trumpet
Philipp Rebmann, trumpet
Tomoki Kirita, trumpet
Gideon Seidenberg, horn
Péter Zsolt, horn
Dimo Pishtyalov, trombone
Andras Palfy , trombone
Marc Sanchez, trombone
Sebastian Cifuentes, trombone
Richard Alonso Diaz, tuba
Alexander Kamenarov, percussion
Georgi Varbanov, percussion
Markus Steiner, percussion


Anthony Holborne: The Fairy Round
Henry Purcell: Abdelazer Suite, Z.570
George Frideric Handel: Eternal Source
P. Doerpinghaus: Four Bagatelles
Jim Parker: A Londoner in New York


Astor Piazzolla: Piazzolladas
P. Markusson: Sad Deer Eyes
Joris Laenen: Midnight Caffeine
Enrique Crespo: Ballade for two Wings
Enrique Crespo: Fogo da Mulata
Traditional Bulgarian: Gorno Dikanso Horo