MAias Alyamani
MAias Alyamani
  • Violin II
  • Sub-Principal

MAias Alyamani, violinist and composer, began his professional musical career as a solo violinist in 2000. His performances include the traditional classical repertoire and other musical genres including his personal compositions.

MAias has a master’s degree from the Vienna University of Music, majoring in violin performance with special focus on composition. During his studies he won the Competition of Vienna University of Music and participated in the international Paganini Competition in Italy. He was the only Arab ever to participate in these competitions.

He was a member of Südbahnhof Band in Vienna. The band is still performing in Europe and it was a finalist and won the Audience prize at the World Music Awards which took place in Vienna 2006. In 2006 MAias established the ensemble MAqam in Vienna, specializing in classical Arabic music. The ensemble is a big success in Austria and neighboring countries. He is also a member of the Damascus Festival Chamber Players Ensemble, which focuses on contemporary Arabic music. He has made a large number of solo recordings for film, music bands, live theatre and TV-show soundtracks.

He has four music albums:

  • White with Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • Live at Aspire Hall with MAqam.
  • Blended Cultures with OPEC Orchestra for violin and orchestra.
  • Syrian Contemporary Chamber Music chamber music album with DFCP.

He plays the Georg Klotz Violin

Qatar Foundation Telegraph 60-Second Interview:
MAias Alyamani: The violinist and composer at Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra tells us about his passion for music and love of football. 7 April 2011.