Markus Steiner

The Tyrolean Markus Steiner has been playing as the first Percussionist at the Gärtnerplatz theater Munich since 2006. He studied in Innsbruck with Norbert Rabanser, in Vienna with Horst Berger and in Munich with Arnold Riedhammer. After his studies, Markus Steiner was an academic with the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra for two years. During this time there were also several concerts on the drum set with the famous Brass Band “Blechschaden”.

Inspired by his childhood with brass band music and early experiences in the Gad Gastein salon orchestra, he discovered – holder of the Golden Youth Musician Achievement Badge – his love for operas, musicals and operettas, which corresponds exactly to the repertoire of the State Theater at Gärtnerplatz in Munich.

He also plays and has appeared as a guest with orchestras such as the NDR ElbphilharmonieOrchestra, the BR Symphony Orchestra, the Munich and Vienna Philharmonic Orchestras, the Bavarian and Nuremberg State Operas, the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra and the Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra. He was also a member of the Aljoscha Zimmermann Ensemble for over 20years, with whom he accompanied silent film concerts around the world. He also enjoyed passing on his knowledge to music students in various music schools and workshops. In 2024, Mr. Steiner will play with the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra as a percussionist.