Anca Florina Bold
Anca Florina Bold
  • Viola
  • Co-Principal

Anca Bold’s first steps in the music world were guided by her father, who was a professional violinist playing in the George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra of Bucharest, Romania. A very open mind and an extremely creative writer as well as musician, Anca’s father was the first to teach her “that music has no boundaries and everyone from earth can live in the country of music.”

Following years at the Music School And Art Academy in Bucharest, Anca became a colleague of her father in the same orchestra playing violin. Three years later Anca chose to experience different cultures. She moved first to Brasil, where she played in the Orchestra do Estado de Sao Paulo as a violinist, and later to Denmark as a violist in the Odense Symphony Orchestra. She started to play viola out of an impulse of finding a similitude with her own voice.

In 2008 Anca moved to Qatar because the idea of meeting, working and creating a new symphonic orchestra together with people from 30 different countries was extremely interesting and quite unique. She is delighted to have been given the chance to learn about Arabic music and culture and to teach about western classical music in exchange.