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Box Office

There are three ways to buy tickets to the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra.

  1. Buy Through UsA new system allows you to purchase tickets on line directly through this website. You can print tickets at home, enabling you to bypass any lines at the Opera House. If you have any difficulty with this method please feel free to contact Bruce Robinson, Head of Communications, at 3313 3692 and
  2. Tickets go on sale at Virgin Megastore at the Villaggio and Landmark Malls approximately two weeks before performances. At about the same time online sales become available through Virgin Megastore. Online sales through Virgin Megastore typically are unavailable in the last five hours before a concert.
  3. Assuming availability, tickets can also be purchased directly at the Opera House on the concert date starting one hour before and ending 10 minutes before the performance.

Please know that in recent months most performances at the Opera House have sold out, so it’s best to act quickly to get the best seats and to be sure you can attend.

Things to Know

There are no refunds or exchanges. Children 6 years of age and older may attend any concert with ticket purchase. Family concerts accept all ages. Audience members with inappropriately informal attire including shorts or beach wear will not be seated. Out of respect for the musicians and fellow audience members please silence your mobile phones and refrain from flash photography. Seating begins 20 minutes before performances. Latecomers cannot be seated during the concert. The Philharmonic retains the right to expel anyone disturbing other concertgoers. Food and beverages can be consumed in the lobby only. The Philharmonic accepts no personal liability of any sort. Programs and artists are subject to change.

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